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Safe Guarding

What do Ofsted say about Coach Hire?
‘Safeguarding in schools: best practice’ report by Ofsted

Health and safety
47.Risk assessment is taken very seriously in schools with outstanding safeguarding arrangements, and is undertaken to good effect in promoting safety. Such assessments cover all aspects of the school’s work, such as premises and equipment, on-site activities, off-site activities and the venues used, use of minibuses and other forms of transport. Where relevant, risk assessments are carried out for individual pupils, and supported by action plans outlining how any identified risks would be managed. Although pupils have some awareness of the risk assessment process in their schools, they could play a more active role in conducting risk assessments both generally and in relation to their own personal needs.

Our Drivers
Our drivers have all completed their CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training and have enhanced DBS checks.  Our satellite tracking system constantly monitors the driving skills of our drivers to ensure that our quality vehicles are driven safely and economically.

Should an accident occur, our drivers are trained in how to handle an emergency situation and they are all informed of the evacuation procedures that should be followed on the motorway.  In addition, our drivers know that information/pictures should not be put on any social media and that they should not talk to the media/press regarding the accident.